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CID Group 3 #weirdos 

1) Group word for picture taken by Kevin Carter

We chose this word as the toddler there looks extremely skinny and is unhealthy. It is obviously caused by starvation. The picture describes starvation of a Sudanese child . In a poor country like Sudan, starvation is not uncommon and it is also 1 of the main reasons leading to deaths in Sudan

2) Group Reflection For "Broken Telephone "Activity


After this activity, we realise that there are some things that cannot be described in words completely. During the activity, we did not manage to pass down all the correct information and we all think that it is due to time constrain and unablity to communicate the information correctly. We learn to observe properly and pay full attention to others while they were talking.

3) Group Post For Product " 3 in 1 Panda Cleaner " (22/2/15)

Our product " 3 in 1 Panda Cleaner " is a cleaning kit that comprises of 3 uses. This product makes cleaning much more easier as it is a vacuum, a dustbin and a broom put together in one! It is made of the best quality bamboo thus it is light and durable. What top it off is that an automatic sensor system has been installed and it could detect any dust when cleaning. " Panda cleaner, cleans for the nature " this product has been promoted with a mindset which is to keep the nature, our environment clean. Only selling at $188.88 now so grab it before its out of stock!!


This is our group's info graph.

This is our group's mind map on Tang Dynasty during the "Golden Age".

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