Fashion trends in Taiwan ( Tenth Post )

These are the current fashion trends in Taiwan. The Chinese are modest people who live modestly in Taiwan. Moreover, fashion is not empty sound for them, and they follow fashion trends like other people in the world. Most of these people are dressed according to the latest fashion and look like as at a walk in Milan. For better or worse, western styles have taken over the dreams of Taiwan's elites, just as they have in other place in Asia. Korean and Japanese styles are also vital mainstays in the canon of popular fashion and Taiwanese night markets are popular places to get your hand on cheap cheap clothes and accessories. Taiwan's fashion is almost the same as it is in Singapore, however, some might dress more extremely to be able to look like their Korean idols. I have been to Taiwan once and I saw many people on streets with the normal clothing and most of them wore either beanies or caps. Their fashion is not as extreme as how the Koreans dress. For the future fashion for Taiwan, Taiwanese fashion and designs have and should continue to make a name for themselves. In the mean time, people in Taiwan are going to be trying to figure out whether they will go the Japanese route or the French one. Sooner or later, I think, they'll get some more personal options.

Western style dress was promoted but the Taiwanese was allowed to continue wearing Manchurian Qing costume.
While the Taiwanese Westernized their clothes, they kept their queues until the fall of the Qing dynasty in 1911. This was an extremely interesting period in the development of costume history when men’s costume Westernized much faster than women’s.During the Qing dynasty, Taiwanese women wore skirts formed of folded aprons, but by the late 1910s they had adopted western style tube skirts. Patterns on material were simplified, dropping the old auspicious symbols, such as phoenix, bat and peony. Large jin shan jackets with broad sleeves and wide bodies became a rarity as sleeves narrowed and upper garments lengthened and became more fitted. Large jin shan jackets gradually adopted flared sleeves. By the 1930s  cheongsam came into fashion. Taiwanese women did not wear this dress under the Qing. It was only once they were in vogue in Shanghai that the trend came to Japanese controlled Taiwan.

Photo of Cheong Sam

Reflections on Merlion ( Ninth Post )

Question " Merlion is the best icon to best represent SG"

Yes I agree that Merlion is the best icon to best represent SG. Singapore is a widely known as the lion city and we are a little fishing village in the past before we develop this country. Its name combines "mer" meaning the sea and "lion". The fish body represents Singapore's origin as a fishing village when it was called Temasek, which means "sea town" in Javanese. The lion head represents Singapore's original name—Singapura—meaning "lion city" or "kota singa". The merlion does not just act like a statue but also the origin of Singapore the history of our country. When a foreigner was given a photo of the merlion, they will immediately relate to Singapore. It has been known by most people that the merlion is the mascot of Singapore.

Reflections on Tang Dynasty, Mr lee and Singapore ( Eighth Post )

Tang Dynasty is where the poets, literature and imperial examinations started. Poetry started and it is the period with the Silk Road and business stared to prosper in China. I felt that because of the starting of Tang Dynasty, the education is continued on by the following dynasties. In Tang Dynasty, there are a lot of poets, scholars and education was very important in those days.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew is the founding father of Singapore. It could be said that without the contribution of Mr Lee Singapore will not be as prosperous as it is now. We could still be a fishing village. The entire country is sadden by that fact that a great man has leave us. His contributions will not be unseen. He love Singapore a lot and devoted his life in building Singapore, making it a prospering country. He shed tears on the day of separation of Singapore and Malaysia, shows how much he is concerned abut our country well being. However, he succeed in making this country transform from a third world country to a first world country. Mr Lee contributed greatly to Singapore, and now it is up to the future generation to continue what he has left behind, to continue improving Singapore.  

Singapore in her golden age will be a country where the citizens are safe and sound, the economic of the country is rising and everybody have a job. Golden age, the period of time when a country prosper the most, Singapore will be seen as a very strong and capable country. Why? It is because we are a little red dot, it is almost impossible to spot us on the world map, but we are capable to make the country prosper, to be known other bigger countries.

Reflections on Suzhou industrial park ( Seventh Post )

Suzhou industrial park. For the first few years, it was not as successful as Singapore expected. However, the situation slowly improved. I think that Singapore made a wise choice in investing in the Suzhou industrial park.
I believe it is not purely about earning money from the investment but also about the relationship between Singapore and China. Although Singapore lost a lot of money when the situation at the Suzhou Industrial park kept worsening, we maintained a fairly well relationship with the government of China.

Oral Presentation (Sixth Post )

Process of preparing:
I find it difficult to choose a photo that represents Singapore, it hits me that I have been living too comfortably in the country, taking everything for advantage. It took me a long time to think of what best represent Singapore and I suddenly remember of Singapore's reputation as a Garden City. I chose the photo of Gardens by the Bay. After I chose the photo, I realise that it isn't easy for me to talk about Gardens by the bay representing Singapore as it is a tourist attraction. I went to write on how it benefits us and making the country greener. However, it did not relate back to the photo at all. I did not chose a better photo and end up struggling while preparing.

Thoughts on My own Presentation:
I felt that I wasn't fully prepared to present, I cannot memorise the script well enough as I made some last minute changes and I have to keep on referring back to the script while presenting and it makes me looks like I'm lack of confidence and it is more obvious that I am not ready. I thought that I will do a better job but well I learnt a lesson.  Always be prepared.

Thoughts on Overall Class Presentation:

After seeing the everyone's presentation, I started to think of why didn't I choose those photos at the start, singlish, SG50, chilli crab and racial harmony. There are so many things that I can present on and yet I didn't think of any of that. Presentation skills from some of the classmates were not bad, they gave valid reasons and I admit that I feel guilty for not preparing earlier for presentation. Mr Wong said that the second batch of presentation wasn't as good as the first batch and I guess we had disappointed him and didn't hit his expectations. I really have a lot of room for improvements and could learn from my classmates presentation skills to be confident take example to not to bring script up and to have hand gestures and eye contacts with the audience while presenting.

Comment On Other Group ( Fifth Post )
Product name: Octopus broom
Everyone could have participated more in the presentation.
It was fun seeing them presenting and trying to advertise their product. Overall it was a engaging presentation.
The product was multi-functional and I think they are very creative to come up of 8 different functions from a simple broom.  
China's Economics Growth ( Fourth Post )

I think China's economic growth will benefit Singapore's economic growth. Firstly, China offers cheap labour and this attracts a lot of manufacturing companies in Singapore to relocate their facilities to China. Companies will then spend lesser money to run the production and will thus earn more profit. This will benefit Singapore's economic growth. Secondly, large consumer population in China attracts lots of investors to China. Investors can have a larger opportunity to sell more of their goods in China compared to selling their goods in Singapore as the population in China is way more. However, when companies and investors move to China, the employees will be sacked and could be jobless for a long period of time. There will then be lesser working adults in Singapore and this could slow down and affect the economic growth of the country. Singapore still benefit more from China's rapid economic growth.

Future of Singapore ( Third Post )

The birth rate in Singapore is decreasing in these few years and will continue to decrease in the next few years. When there are lesser couples, there will be lesser children and this repeats on its own. Singapore is currently facing the problem aging population and it is predicted that by 2030, it is estimated that the number of senior citizens will triple to 900,000.

I feel that ageing population in Singapore is a very huge responsibility the younger generation have to shoulder. For example, if a family only have a child, the child have to take care of both the parents and the grandparents. In this case, it will be 1:6. The child will be stressed and may not be able to take proper care of the elderly in the family. Ageing population is a problem faced by Singapore now, and other than a decrease in population, it will also Dampen Economic Growth over the Next Decade as there will be lesser and lesser working adults in Singapore.  Singapore has developed for 49 going 50 years after being independent, as the population gets smaller and smaller, it will be harder to foresee the future of Singapore. Aging population can lead to a lot of factors, however, it is not a thing that can be controlled by the governments, they can only urge citizens to give birth but they cannot force. It all depends on the citizens now and hopefully, this situation that Singapore face will eventually get better.

Poverty in Singapore ( Second Post ) 

Poverty is the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; condition of being poor. Poverty in Singapore grew from 16% in 2002, to 28% in 2013. The poverty line in Singapore is someone who earns less than S$1,500 every month. The poor and needy families in Singapore struggle with "relative poverty", meaning they do not earn much or have the adequate amount of money to pay for the necessities of living in Singapore. These families struggle on a day-to-day basis due o factors like health issues. In addition, with the meagre amount of money they earn, they are left with little or no means to make their lives better. Poverty does not only affect the adults but also the children. Children from families which are facing financial difficulties will be affected as well. they will have little or no education as the family does not have enough money to send them to school. Those children will end up quitting school to work, so as to supplement the family's income and to put food on the table.

One of the ways to stop poverty in Singapore to grow is to focus on the younger generation. Even for those who parents have difficulty in supporting them to attend school, it is critical that all young remain in the education system and that they receive the best support they can to gain the knowledge for a better future. 

I find that it is important to focus on he younger generation if we wants to have a lower rate of poverty in Singapore. the younger generation will be the next leader of Singapore and if we focus on providing them education and daily necessities, they will cherish this opportunity and will grow into knowledgeable adults that will serve the society well. Hence, we should focus more on younger generation so as to lower the rate of poverty in Singapore.

December Holiday ( First Post )

During the holiday, my father brought the family to Taiwan ( Gao Xiong, Tai Nan and Tai Pei ). We visited the night markets, the historical museum and some of the tourists attractions. I really like the night markets in Taiwan, there are lots of food there that are to die for. The vendors there are friendly and nice too. I was surprised to find out that apart from food stalls, there are many game stalls and a variety of things to buy from. The night markets were really crowded, therefore, it is hard to find seats. I was mesmerized by the scenery where the water flow from the woods into a small river, one that will not be seen in Singapore. We went to the theme park too and got the opportunity to meet people dressed up in the Amis Tribe costume dancing and singing to welcome the visitors. I was really amazed by their performance, their dance was synchronize and their voices were beautiful. In conclusion, Taiwan left a great impression on me, it was a trip that was beneficial, relaxing and enjoyable. I look forward to visiting Taiwan again.

 Photo I took at the historical museum.

This is a natural waterfall in the woods. 

My sister and I made these as souvenirs.

People dressed as Amis Tribe performing.

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