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Reflection on oral presentation
This oral presentation is one of the few presentations that I have ever prepared for as it is a graded presentation and it also requires me to express my point supported by evidence and explanation in a short two minutes. It was not difficult for me as I am used to present my idea in front of the class. However I still could have done better as I didn't memorize my speech and deliver it as fluently as expected. I would definitely try to improve on these areas in the future

Is Merlion the best national icon of Singapore 
I strongly feel that there is a need to have a national icon. As It is designed to be inclusive and representative of all the people of the national community. A national icon shows our country's most unique and special feature. Being unique means that it should not be found in other countries. As the Merlion is able to fulfill the criteria of being unique, I am proud to say that the Merlion is a good representative of Singapore's national icon.

The Merlion, a unique creature with the head of a lion and a body of a fish. It appeared during the eight century and has made a deep impression on a Malay prince and thus this was how our country's name 'Singapura' has came about. Now, think about how you have known about this myth. For me, I learnt about this story through textbooks and my parents. This myth has been passed down from generations. We have never know whether all of this was true,but it was always vivid in our minds as it has slowly became an identity for us. This myth has created a sense of belonging for me. While you may think that we have all other kinds of icons like the changi airport and vanda miss Joaquim, Merlion is considered a better choice as It is able to represent Singapore's unique culture and history that other countries do not have. It also provides a sense of belonging towards the community. 

The Merlion is not only the personification of Singapore , but also what other people remembers when Singapore was being mentioned . It was one of the most visited tourism site in Singapore .This was because the Merlion was unique and only found in Singapore , unlike the other tourist attractions. The Merlion will always reminds us the hardwork our founding fathers had put in to develope Singapore from the small fishing village to what it is now . It encourage us to strive on to make Singapore even better. 

The Merlion, known from the myth is special to Singapore's history. It fulfills the criteria of being unique, creates a sense of identity to the community and represents Singapore's history well. Hence, in conclusion, I strongly agree that it will be the best representative as a national icon. 

China has a constantly increasing GDP which has skyrocketed from 1978 to 2005,increasing from about 200 billion renminbi all the way to 18232.1 billion renminbi during that period.Much of this GDP increase would be due to the fact that China opened up trade with other countries.With trade,profit is earned by China and thus the GDP will increase along with the amount of trade.There might be a bad influence China has on Singapore as due to the fact that it is a promising country to do business with,many other countries might switch from doing business with Singapore to China as there is a higher possibility of both side earning more from the same business conducted.This will cause a decrease in the amount of business or trade conducted in Singapore and thus Singapore will earn lesser profit,decreasing Singapore's economic growth over the years.

If the population size continues to decrease,there will be lesser and lesser people in Singapore.When such a thing happens,there might be jobs which do not have anyone to fill up and thus foreigners will be persuaded to come to Singapore to fill up such jobs and as time continues the population size of Singaporeans  will decrease until Singapore is literally filled with foreigners.The economy will be affected by such a case as the Singaporeans can no longer earn as much profit for the country as before.The country will then "collapse"due to its economy and population size decreasing.They can firstly abolish the one child policy,prevent it from being set again and to organize campaigns which encourage Singaporean citizens to have children as this will boost the birth rate of the country and thus there will be  an increasing trend of Singaporeans being born,increasing our population size.

Is there poverty in Singapore?
I think that there is no poverty in Singapore if it is to the extent of having to starvation 
.When compared to the girl in the picture,Singaporeans seem to be living way better and more blissfully than her and this shows how different our living environment is.I believe that the Singapore government has been doing their part in ensuring that no Singapore citizen lands in such a bad situation as the girl in the picture.She is literally all skin and bones and until now,I have not seen a single Singaporean who is that skinny before.There may be people who are financially worse than others,but with the many subsidies the government provides,and they all do not land up having nothing to eat at all.

My December holiday 
      During the December holidays, I went back to my home town, China. Among the many places that I have visited in China I found one place particularly fascinating. That place is called 珍珠泉. It has one of the most beautiful scenery in nanjing as far as I know. As the name implies, the water that comes out of the spring is so beautiful that it almost look like pearls and I believe the natural lake, which was fromed beside the spring has one of the best water quality in the entire city. As you can see in the picture, the water is crystal clear. It was almost like a shock to me that there are still natural water source in nanjing that's well preserved due to the pollution done.

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