Saturday, 10 January 2015

Lim Xin Yi's December Holidays

Scene taken from Labrador Park

Outcrop of 龙牙门

( Taken from the information board )

Cruise ship sailing out of harbour

     During the 2014  December Holidays,  I went to many different places of Singapore. However, one of the places that really caught my interest is Labrador Park, located of Pasir Panjang Road. When we reached there at around 4p.m. , I was amazed at the sight that greeted my me. The scenery was beautiful. The sky was clear blue with fluffy clouds, the waves were splashing gently against the rocks, giving out a peaceful and soothing sound. However, when horns were heard and cruise ships were sailing out of Harbourfront Ferry Terminal which was not faraway, waves get violent and pounded on the rocky shoreline vigorously. 

     Apart from the beautiful scenery that caught my attention, there was a craggy granite outcrop of the Long Ya Men or Dragon's Teeth Gate ( 龙牙门 ) there, in Labrador Park. Although it was not the genuine one that stood at the gateway to Keppel Harbour, formerly known as New Harbour, it looked exactly similar to the drawing that J T Thomson had drawn before it was destroyed in mid-1848. After reading the information boards , I gained insights on the history behind the Long Ya Men. 

    After strolling at the park for approximately 2 hours, my family and I enjoyed a delicious meal at a restaurant located just beside the park , while enjoying the beautiful sunset. It was an enjoyable day for me and I believe that my parents had felt so too.

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