Sunday, 5 April 2015

things that i have learnt about the Tang dynasty, reflection on LKY and Singapore's golden age.

I learnt that the tang dynasty,at its peak was the dynasty that covered the most land area.It was considered a golden age of china as with its large population base, it could form large armies, which it used to subdue neighbouring countries and to take over their resources, allowing them to prosper. even when the tang dynasty was collapsing and censuses were more inaccurate, the population was estimated to be around 80 million. the Tang was also a period of progress and stability. Chinese culture flourished as many great poets and painters emerged. there were also many new innovations such as woodblock printing and an earthquake detector.

lee kuan yew was the true founder of modern singapore. it was due to his contributions that Singapore today is a thriving and rich country. I feel that we are indeed in the golden age of Singapore. we are at peace, currently uninvolved majorly in any war. we are becoming more and more prosperous. Our arts scene is thriving, our army though small, is definitely not second-rate. judging by these factors, Singapore is truly in a golden age. the credit for this goes to lee kuan yew. Singapore was his life's work, and he did everything possible to see it grow. with his passing, Singapore has reached a milestone where it has finalised it process of development. our founding fathers are gone and it is now the next generation that must take up the responsibility of supporting and developing singapore.

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