Friday, 15 May 2015

Questions about Sacred Hearts High School

- is the cost of living there cheap?
- does the school organizes activities like "learning journey and e-learning" for the students?
- in which grade should a 14 year old be in?

- is the cost of hiring the coach very high? 
- is the wifi there cheap or expensive? 
- are we paying for the electricity we use to charge our devices? 

Xin Yi: 
1.Do they have frequent learning journeys like RV do?
2. Do they have school - boarding?  If no, have far and long must they travel in order to come to school from home?
3. Do they speak or learn hokkien in schools?

 1. Is the school fees in Taiwan cheaper than SG?
2. What is the average salary of people in Taiwan?
3. How much is the wifi in Taiwan?

Yi Zhuo: 

Tat Kit:
How much are the school fees of sacred hearts subsidized, if at all ?
How percentage of the national budget of Taiwan is used for education ?
 Are there any special schools in Taiwan that are the equivalent of say, ITE?

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