Sunday, 11 January 2015

Judy's December Holiday Trip

During this December Holiday, I went to China. I visited many places and enjoyed myself very much. But what left the most lasting impression on me was actually the bullet train I took there. The first picture was taken in the train station, while waiting for the gate to open to board the train. What I found really shocking was that it looked so alike an airport; it had all the procedures we had to go through before boarding an airplane in the train station. And the second picture shows the inside of the train. It resembles the inside of an airplane very much as well.

This bullet train only stops at a few places but it can travel a very long distance in a short amount of time. 1 hour of travel by car could by reduced to 30min on the train, its speed is the main reason for its creation and why so many people prefer to take the train than drive even through driving is more private. The leg space in the train is more than that in an airplane as well so it’s more comfortable. Just like on the airplane, there is an overhead compartment which allows us to carry some luggage along with us when we take the train to another city and plan to stay overnight. With all these advantages of the bullet train, it has really made the lives of the people there more convenient.

During my 5 weeks stay in China, I attended school there for 3 weeks and I really had the experience of a lifetime, it’s something I would never get to experience in Singapore, a well-developed country. As compared to Singapore, China is not as well-developed, and so are the schools there. Due to the large population, every school has much more students than the schools in Singapore, and that also means that there are more students in every class, the class I joined has 54 students. In RV, the average number of students is around 30 to 35. Even in primary school, I’ve never encountered any class with over 50 students. Every class has more students, but the size of the classroom is smaller than the classrooms in Singapore. So the tables and chairs there are much smaller than the ones we use. The tables are really small and low there is no place to stretch out my legs and it’s really uncomfortable, but the students there have long since gotten used to it. Our whiteboards and markers have been replaced with blackboards and chalk in their classrooms. While we have projectors in every classroom, they don't even know about such gadgets, at least the students don't. Overall, their learning environment is poorer than ours, we should treasure what we have and make good use of it instead of taking all that we have for granted.

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