Sunday, 11 January 2015

My Holiday Trip ( eunice )

During the holiday, my father brought the family to Taiwan ( Gao Xiong, Tai Nan and Tai Pei ). We visited the night markets, the historical museum and some of the tourists attractions. I really like the night markets in Taiwan, there are lots of food there that are to die for. The vendors there are friendly and nice too. I was surprised to find out that apart from food stalls, there are many game stalls and a variety of things to buy from. The night markets were really crowded, therefore, it is hard to find seats. I was mesmerized by the scenery where the water flow from the woods into a small river, one that will not be seen in Singapore. We went to the theme park too and got the opportunity to meet people dressed up in the Amis Tribe costume dancing and singing to welcome the visitors. I was really amazed by their performance, their dance was synchronize and their voices were beautiful. In conclusion, Taiwan left a great impression on me, it was a trip that was beneficial, relaxing and enjoyable. I look forward to visiting Taiwan again.

 Photo I took at the historical museum.

This is a natural waterfall in the woods. 

My sister and I made these as souvenirs.

People dressed as Amis Tribe performing.

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