Sunday, 11 January 2015

My December Holiday

  During the December Holidays, I went to Beijing. I went to a lot of places of attraction there and my favourite places are the Great Wall Of China The Fobbiden City.

  I went to the Great Wall in the morning and spent 45min trying to climb up the Great Wall. Though I did not manage to climb to the top, I was an unforgetable and special expeeience for me. I was also wondering how on earth did the ancient people build such a majestic building without morden technology. This part of the wall was built under the reign of the Ming dynasty and throughout the twentieth century was the goal of many restoration because finally, in 1957, was the first part of the wall that opened to the public. It is the best preserved of the long stone serpent and its altitude of 1000 meters.

  In the afternoon, I went to the forbbiden city. The Forbidden City was progressively built from 1406 to 1420. The City consists of 980 buildings and takes up the space of about 180 acres. Originally controlled by the emperors from the Ming and Qing dynasty, it is now under the control of the Palace Museum. There are many ancient wooden structure. It caught my interest knowing about the history of China and I would definitely want to go there again.

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