Sunday, 12 April 2015

Do you think the Merlion would make the most national icon to represent Singapore?

Yes, I think that the Merlion is the best icon to represent Singapore because it is unique to Singapore and no other Country has any connection to it like Singapore does.  Singapore was founded by an Indian Prince, Sang Nila Utama, otherwise known as Sri Tri Buana,prince of the three kingdoms, one of which was temasek.
The Merlion has a lion head because that was the first animal Sang Nila Utama saw when he came upon the island of Singapore.(even though it is now widely agreed that he saw a tiger) the fish tail of the Merlion comes from the fact that Singapore was a small fishing village in the past when it was known as temasek and that it was, and stillis largely dependent on maritime trade. 
The Merlion is also known widely across the globe to be a representation of Singapore as it is a unique icon of Singapore and has also become a tourist attraction. If you ask any tourist who has been to Singapore, they would have probably visited at least one of the 5 Merlions in Singapore. When Singapore is mentioned to tourists, they will immediately associate it with the Merlion because it has become a national icon of Singapore that is recognized all over the world.
The Merlion has also created a special identity all Singaporeans can assume and carry proudly with them around no matter where they go. It also gives all Singaporeans a sense of belonging whenever they see or hear of the Merlion. 

Some may think that the Singapore Flyer or Marina Bay Sands will be a better national icon to represent Singapore as compared to the Merlion. But I do not think so as these infrastructures were only built in recent years when Singapore has already modernized and become prosperous and thus lacks the historical and cultural value behind the Merlion. Other countries can also build exact the same infrastructures like the Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands but tourists will not recognize it as representations of Singapore as these buildings have nothing to do with how Singapore came about. To me, there is nothing else that can hold the same historical value and give Singaporeans a stronger sense of belonging other than the Merlion. Thus, I can conclude that the Merlion is the best national icon to represent Singapore.

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