Sunday, 12 April 2015

Yi zhuo

Is Merlion the best national icon for Singapore?

The Merlion is a majestic creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish . The name combines "mer" meaning the sea , which represents Singapore's origin as a small fishing village , while "lion" represents Singapore's prosperity . The merlion also reminds us the history of Singapore , which was found by Prince Sang Nila Utama and was named Singapora at the very first , which means lion city .
The Merlion is not only the personification of Singapore , but also what other people remembers when Singapore was being mentioned . It was one of the most visited tourism site in Singapore .This was because the Merlion was unique and only found in Singapore , unlike the skyscrapers or flowers of other countries . The Merlion will always reminds us the hardwork our founding fathers had put in to develope Singapore from the small fishing village to what it is now . It encourage us to strive on to make Singapore even better . 

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