Monday, 20 April 2015

Montage of Taiwan and Singapore

We chose all the pictures based on the categories of food, fashion, festival and folks. They are what we think best represents the youth population in both countries.

This is the collage we did on Singapore.
The two outfits shown are commonly seen along the streets in Singapore worn by youths, mostly all outfits are thin and do not cover too much of the arms and legs because of the naturally hot and humid weather in Singapore. Buildings beside it shows the central area of Singapore which is a very popular place where youths like to go to shop as there are many large shopping malls in that area. The chilli crab is also a very significant dish to Singaporeans as it is a local delight that is a must try for all tourists and is well liked by all citizens of Singapore. "Instagram" and "Blackshot" are two of the popular websites that Singapore youths like to visit and are very active on. The word splash is made up of what we call Singlish words, which is a form of modified English created by the Singaporeans and we often use it instead of the standard from of English, it is extremely widely used by youths in Singapore as they converse in their daily lives. The picture of things on a table is something that youths often do, when they enter a fast food restaurant or food court, they will first look for a seat and place their belongings on the table or chair to let others know that the table is taken up by them. Singapore is also a country that has 4 races and children of the 4 races grow up in Singapore from young and as they become youths, are very familiar with the community they live in, which has mixed races. The last 2 pictures shows Singapore's celebration of Chinese New Year and National Day. Youths participate actively in all the events held during these special occasions. These are all the things which we think best represents
Singapore youths.

This is the collage we did on Taiwan.
We chose applications like Facebook, Instagram, Line and Twitter as these are the most popular social media applications among youths in Taiwan. Taiwan is famous for having many singers and actors. So we chose the picture of Jay Chow as he is one of the most popular Taiwan singers and he is even recognized in many other countries and have fans all over the world, thus I think he can represent Taiwan and I think he is popular among Taiwan youths as well. We also chose picture of Taipei 101 building as it is the national personification of Taiwan and it is also one of the tallest building in the world. When people see this, they will definitely know that it is Taiwan so it can represent Taiwan the best. There are also two pictures chosen that depics Taiwan's traditional costumes, there are many natives in Taiwan and it is their traditional costume. This is also some thing special about Taiwan. Last but not least, we chosed pictures of braised pork rice, chicken cutlet etc. These are the most common food that one can find in Taiwan, it is also popular among the youths in Taiwan as they are very delicious.

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