Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Pre-trip task

1. Cost of a standard 4/5 room HDB flat (around 90-100 sq m) in Punggol?

2. Cost of a brand new Toyota Vios?
  Gold price with guaranteed COE
Vios G: $130888
Vios E: $125888

3. -Cheapest 10kg packet rice?
   - Cheapest 1litre mineral/distilled water?
   - Cheapest fresh whole chicken? (Refridgerated not frozen)
   - Do we provide plastic bags and how are they used?
  Yes, supermarkets provide plastic bags for customers to carry the items they bought.

   - Who are the cashiers (age, nationality) and what kind of service do they provide?
  The age group of cashiers ranges from 16-60 years old, they are mostly Singaporeans burg there are other countries people as well. They help us to scan the items we bought so we can pay them and help us to put the items into plastic bags.

    -Cheapest 1litre cooking oil?

4. How much is your school fee?
  $28 (per month)

5. How much is 1litre of petrol?

6. How much is 1 movie ticket on weekend?
  Golden Village: $12.50
  Cathay: $13

7. Average salary of a Singaporean?

8. 1 Big Mac meal?

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